Subordination Day


Last 4th of July we wrote about the millions of animals who are acoustically attacked by Americans commemorating the independence of their country with fireworks.
But of course the greatest attack on animals on United States’ Independence Day, is, as in any other day, consuming their bodies. And today it is on a very mass scale.

About 65% of Americans will attend a barbecue on the 4th of July to celebrate their country’s Independence and their species’ domination.


During this celebration of predomination, Americans devour 150 million hot dogs.
They consume 750 million pounds of chickens’ flesh leading up to the 4th of July celebrations. That’s about 180 million chickens in just one holiday.

Like in so many other cases, humans choose to celebrate while abusing nonhumans. It can be seen in so many holidays and celebrations around the world. From national events such as independence days, to religious festivals such as San Antionio, from commemoration of ancient rituals such as Yawar Fiesta to marking modern day cultural events such the national hamburger day held next month. Every occasion is an opportunity for humans to celebrate their dominance, and another ground for animals to keep being crushed by human tyranny.
How many more independence days will it take for you to stop dreaming of a vegan barbeque and start working on a sufferingless world.

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