Mothers’ Day

Mother's Day
In honor of Mother’s Day this post is dedicated to cows in the dairy industry, who are of the poorest mothers on earth, and to their poor babies.

In one of their most cynical symbolizations, humans view cows as an emblem of motherhood. That is not thanks to an idealistic view of cows being devoted mothers to their claves, but a consequence of a materialistic view of cows being the main producers of milk to humans.

As every Animal Liberation activist knows, cows are systematically being raped to force them to lactate. Their day old babies are then torn away from them since they “disturb” humans from stealing their mother’s milk.
The life of every cow in the dairy industry starts by the traumatic experience of being separated from her mother within hours of birth. Later in their poor lives, every cow experiences the separation trauma for several more times as mothers.

This split is the beginning of the misery young calves experience.
The newborn heifers are forced to replace older cows in the milking herd. The other half of the newborns are males, and so are of no use to the dairy industry.
Some calves are murdered in the first days of their lives for humans who like to eat very mild flesh. These calves are the “lucky” ones.
Every year, millions of “less fortunate” calves are transported, shortly after they are born, to special fattening farms where they are confined in tiny solitary cells which isolate them from the other calves and barely allow them to move. These calves are fed with a milk substitute intentionally lacking in iron and other essential nutrients. Combined with a complete lack of exercise, this gruesome practice is designed to create pale tender pinkish-white meat, which is the desired finished “product” called veal.

The dairy industry and the veal industry are inseparably linked.
The veal industry is in fact the perfect match between farmers who are “stuck” with many economically unusable calves who don’t lactate, and many humans who like tender and mild meat, and don’t care how it is produced.

The veal calf industry is one of the severest symptoms of humans’ super selfish and apathetic character.
To get the most tender texture of meat humans are tearing babies from their mothers hours after they are born, isolate them in a tiny box and feed them with a milk replacer so they won’t gain muscles and their flesh would be the softest possible in their mouths.

For how long would you fight the symptoms of the problem?
And what does it take for you to start fighting the core problem, which is not a particular way humans torture nonhumans so they can enjoy their bodily secretions and flesh, but everything humans are doing everywhere all of the time.

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