Ethical Climate Change

After a week of ongoing horrible news in relation to animals suffering from the current heat wave, coming from all over the world and especially from Australia, 2 days ago another related atrocity occurred.
New South Wales is experiencing the driest and most widespread drought conditions since 1965.
As a consequence, the state government had increased the number of kangaroos that farmers are allowed to murder, since according to human logic kangaroos are “competing” with cows and sheeps for food and water.

So like in plenty of other horrible examples, nonhumans are punished for humans’ mistakes. Humans are responsible for climate change, mostly since they refuse to give up eating meat, and these days humans’ meat obsession is broadening its victim scope, to include probably millions of kangaroos (already on any “regular” year more than a million kangaroos are murdered).
The kangaroos are caught in a cynical and vicious cycle. But this cycle is very familiar.
It is not new that animals are being shot at not to mention their habitat is being destroyed to satisfy humans desires. Nonhumans always pay the price for humans mistakes and irresponsibly.


Generally, the media coverage of the various ways non-humans are effected by the droughts is either about the income of the exploiters, or mentions the animals’ distress and death as a more illustrative and eye-catching anecdote of climate change (as can be seen for example in these items from Switzerland, Sweden and Australia).
Of course, all these items about the drought crisis and the suffering it causes, only report on these matters as if the weather is the main source of animals’ problem, while disregarding the real issue. The systematic exploitation which puts animals in harm’s way in the first place, and obviously and much more importantly, is animals’ main harm itself, is never questioned. Despite decades of dedicated activism challenging humans’ abusive habits, animal exploitation still remains so obvious that it is completely taken for granted.

Instead of acknowledging the heavy price of climate change and stop consuming meat, humans insist on keeping their meat obsession – no matter how heavy the price is on cows and sheeps, every day and especially during draughts – and even expand the victim scope by murdering animals who “eat the food of the animals they eat”. Clearly, no cow or sheep should ever be exploited by humans, and no kangaroo is more important than any cow or sheep. But most humans don’t see it like that. Most humans are indifferent to cows and sheeps, but like kangaroos. And still humans will not experience an awaking moment despite their love for kangaroos. Not when it comes to their beloved stakes. Humans prove again and again that their taste preference, convenience, habits, expenditures, profits, entertainment and etc., are much more important to them than not hurting someone else. Humans don’t sober up even in front of the clearest evidences, not even when it concerns their own personal health, the future of “their” planet – the one which they supposedly inherit to their own children, and definitely not when it concerns other animals – even the ones they like, and most certainly not when it concerns cows and sheeps.

Most humans don’t change their habits no matter what. Our hope is that as a consequence, some activists will change theirs. If humans don’t stop changing earth’s climate because they don’t want to stop eating stakes, the most ethical, rational and effective thing to do is to use climate change so there would be no humans.

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