It Is Not Humans That We Hate

Today is Human Rights Day, a good opportunity to point out that despite the understandable intuition about our project, we are not human haters.
We don’t hate humans, we hate suffering. Humans are the ones who are responsible for most of the suffering in the world so they have a significant representation in our materials. But they are not presented as suffering causers only. Humans’ suffering is not absent at all, being represented in 8 articles (More Than Ever Before In History, Poor Priorities, Compassion Spin, Pepsi or Coca Cola?, One Child Is More Than Enough, The “Wrong” Gender, To Their Own Flesh And Blood, Mutilate to Dominate), as well as several Visual Arguments such as World Peace, Not A Human Hate Parade, All Babies and They Will. So, human hatred is definitely not our motivation. We are not promoting the annihilation idea out of hate. We don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone. On the contrary, we want that all bad things never happen to anyone.

Humans have a tremendous capability to close their minds to all reasoning and shield themselves from moral arguments. We understand it is so, but mustn’t accept it morally. We are not directly accusing humans for what they are. We are not into accusations, we are into solutions.
One doesn’t need to hate humans in order to think they must be annihilated. Thinking that humans are not more valuable than nonhumans is sufficient.

Currently activists are giving humans unlimited opportunity to change while keeping their abusive routine, and by that they are actually considering humans as more important than all of their victims. And given the average consumption figures of humans each one is worth thousands of animals. An average American meat eater is responsible for the life of suffering of about 55,000 animals within his/her lifetime, including about 10,000 crustaceans, 1,860 chickens, 950 fishes, 55 turkeys, 30 pigs and sheeps, 8 cows and between 35,000 and 50,000 of non-directly consumed fishes and crustaceans who are either “by catch” or animals captured and killed to feed the directly consumed animals. And of course that is without counting the chickens suffering in the egg industry and cows in the milk industry. Also, this is without counting all the animals harmed by each human in the many other daily means of consumption (including plant based ones). Morally opposing to stopping them, by all means necessary, including killing them, means that each is worth more than the pain and suffering of all of these animals.
We don’t need to hate humans to conclude that, we only need to non-biasedly and non-speciesistly observe the world.

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