Elephants Don’t Forget, But Humans Do

The human race received many wishes for its extinction in the passing week. The reason was the appalling case of an elephant who was killed in India by eating a trap pineapple stuffed with powerful firecrackers. The murder initiated a widespread outrage on social media. Some of which was fueled by political motives (rightwing Hindu nationalists blaming Muslims for the killing), but much of it, especially outside of India, is from people wishing for humanity to vanish from the face of the earth.

Here are just a few examples of what people wrote:
“This is an another example of why we don’t deserve this planet”
“Humans should gtfo”
“The human race as malicious… pollute, kill, torture, destruction of their own kind as well
“Poor innocent creature, humans are the worst creatures on this planet”
“I am filling shameful being a human now”
“Humans really are the worst living creatures and i have said it before too”
“After knowing about this tragedy I am ashamed to be human!!! Wtf is wrong with humanity”
“Human Don’t deserve to live”
“News like this makes me think we deserve this pandemic”
“Maybe we are the most developed species on the earth with all the technologies we have but sorry we r moving towards the end of humanity…shame on us”
“Q: Want to see the dangerous animal on the world??? A: Then look into the mirror”
“Humans are killing the world. Heartless people don’t deserve this planet”
“Humans don’t deserve to live in this earth including me”
“We need another virus having 90% of fatality rate, no human is innocent. Let nature punish us”

Many animal liberation activists find it very ironic and outrageous that the same people who are wishing humanity to go extinct are not willing to make their own animal consumption go extinct. They are rightfully irritated and frustrated by the fact that so many people can deeply empathize with the suffering of one elephant but at the same time be so indifferent to the no less suffering that they are personally causing.

This occurrence is truly extremely horrifying as the elephant’s mouth was hurt so bad that she couldn’t eat and so died of hunger after about 4 days of agony. But battery cages are also extremely horrifying, and so are gestation crates , and the bear bile industry , and the premarin industry , and muelsing , and TD, and iron burning , and veal crates, and animal experiments and etc.

Some animal liberation activists probably claim that cases such as this, and such as the murder of Cecil, are for many people no more than opportunity moments to get rid of their guilt regarding their part in animal abuse. For others it surely is a way to express their compassion for animals, however that compassion is totally absent when it comes to animals they consume. And that also obviously and rightfully irritates animal liberation activists, many of whom probably say that people should be reminded that horrible things are happening to billions of animals all the time.

And so while people are right that humanity must go extinct, this feeling will soon pass. When the rage would decrease, they would forget ever writing that the human race should go extinct and go back to their meaningless lives.
But you are different. Your rage would never ease. You are activists, rage against humanity is your default, not a temporary phase. You will not go back to your meaningless lives when this story is forgotten and forget ever wishing for humanity to go extinct. You will go back to your meaningful lives and you won’t need to remember ever wishing for humanity to go extinct because that is what you wish for every day.
But you will forget that wishing is not enough. Humanity won’t go extinct if enough people would wish for it to happen, but only if enough people would decide to channel their rage, hope and wishes into actions .

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