In the beginning of this month, the Danish government decided to murder the about 17 million minks imprisoned in Denmark’s fur farms, due to concerns that the COVID-19 mutation discovered among minks would spread to humans.

The decision created a storm of criticism, but unfortunately (though expectedly), not for the right reasons. It is not for the murder of 17 million animals (which are three times the human population in Denmark), it is not for the murder method, it is not for the fact that these animals are being murdered to protect the species who is actually responsible for their exploitation and their infection, and it is not since it is unfair that the victims of industrial farming are paying the price for another one of the consequences of industrial farming and not the ones who created and maintain industrial farming, and it is not for the fact that there are still industrial farms or any farms whatsoever, no, it is not for any of these reasons, but for the fact that many people would lose their jobs (there are more than 1,100 mink farms in Denmark), and for the fact that Denmark would lose much of its revenue as it is the biggest mink exploitation industry in the world accounting for 40% of global production, and for the fact that it later appeared that the mass murder had no legal basis, and because the 10 million minks who have already been murdered so far have been buried in too shallow mass graves and so in the last couple of days many of the mink corpses are rising from the ground to the surface due to gas accumulating in their decaying bodies. Danish officials are worried that the mink corpses could cause a severe phosphorus and nitrogen pollution, especially in water sources.

The Danish agriculture minister resigned due to the public outcry and the new one wants to dig up the mass graves and incinerate the minks’ corpses

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